AIR Career Program Faction Warfare No Progression


I’m having an issue in my AIR Career - Soldier of Fortune - Faction Warfare progression

As you can see in this screen, I have 0 progression in FW or I have enlisted and quit multiple times FW on the Amarr side and I also did Scout complex in Fleet and kill (but didn’t got last hit so maybe for that one it’s the trigger).

If someone knows a roundabout or if a ticket is needed ?
PS: provided follow up screen of proof of enlistment and AIR tracking quest but am limited to 1 screenshot per message, so it’s in reply.

AIR Tracking quest

Proof of enlistment

I have the same issue.

If it matters, my character is Caldari but I joined the Gallente faction for FW cause thats what my corp allows. I did get completion credit for Capture a Scout complex and complete a FW mission.

No credit for joining FW.

I also have this issue.

I’ve had the exact same issue for a month now as well. Support was no help in trying to get it fixed.

Same here. Encouraging this issue to get some attention.

Same issue, everything else is updating, just not enlistment.

I am a Minmatar toon, but joined Caldari