Help with Airprogram reward

Can someone help me with what i am missing. I have done all mission for the industrial part in the air program and all missions are green. But i do not get the graduation reward. What do i need?

There is nothing to redeem that i havnt already seen.

Thanks in advance

You get the “graduation reward” at 750 career points, not at 1000. You probably already got it and redeemed it. If not, contact CCP.

There’s two interesting parts your screenshot is missing:

  • How many overall points you gathered? That’s in the bottom bar in the AIR window. Each milestone means an additional reward.
  • What’s the state of your “present box” and your AIR box? These can be found on the left side menu. You have to unlock your AIR rewards in the AIR box and then redeem them in the present box, this way you can allocate these rewards to different chars on that account.

But I also experienced a kind of a delay in the major rewards, they need some time to show up after closing the redeem window.

Thank you very much for your replies.

It was as Mynutor said, i had alreday recieved and redeemed it. I tought that i had to do all missions to get the reward.

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