Please make the AIR Program retroactive

It makes absolutely no sense that players that have already put in the time and work doing career missions are ineligible for the rewards.

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I seem to recall that those don’t take any great deal of time.
If the rewards are important to you just rerun them.
Honestly, since they are calibrated for a brand new player they are not going to amount to any great sum for anyone that has been playing any length of time.

Edit: I am making an assumption here that they able to be rerun since the roll out yesterday.
If they can not be I see more people being frustrated with the inability to complete circles than with missing tiny rewards

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You can’t rerun them on agents you’ve previously run them on… however, there are 12 locations where agents will provide career missions.

excerpt from eveuni:





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More importantly. Afik reward lands in your redeem queue. So nothing stops your from rolling an alt character. Do NPE and grab reward for our main or any character on that account.

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I agree, I’ve done all career missions on all 12 stations. Did because of reasons. But it is frustrating not being able to complete the AIR-program and get those SP rewards.

I’ve done all 60 career agents. They should have just reset everyone…


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