Air Career Program on Old character

I just log in from the update and saw this new feature, Air Career Pogram and thought “This is great, much better than the activity tracker” then I realize this feature ask for some progress I’ve already done like Career Agent Missions, Joining a Corp, and some other mores that I dont remmember right now.

So I was wondering, how does it work? will there be a new Carrer Agent Missions for those who already did that so they can complet that activity and get the reward?


There are 12 sets of career agents, you’ve done all 12?

Does that matter?

Besides your comment doesn’t address the other issues they pointed out…

All 12 sets clear, I can’t valid carreer :sweat_smile:

Well one of them is a really obvious solution, leave corp…rejoin corp. And as to the other ones…well he doesn’t know what they are…so kinda hard to provide solutions to that…

If all career agents are done, they cant redo them. They could possibly petition a GM to reset them. But like COSMOS they were meant to be done once

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