Problems with AIR Career program

Hello everybody.

I have problems with AIR Career program. I performing some tasks but the counter doesn’t change. For example I hacked a container but the counter shows zero. At the same time it does work with other groups of tasks. I created another new character and it has the same problem. Do you know how to fix it?

Thank you.

You may want to issue a bug report.
Should be F12

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CCP failing quality control and product testing?


Absolutely SHOCKED!!

The career agent missions do not count for the air missions any longer…CCP changed it because it was ‘too easy’…

They rather send newbies into low to be killed…

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I have found out that only wh//0/low containers are taken into account.
And what about agent missions? I have to fly out of hs in order to do them?

I tried to do Distribution and Mining agents for AIR tasks and it does works. But Mining missions became realy longer than it was before.

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