Repeating AIR Career Program

Did a search on this question but came up empty. It appears that the rewards for completing the new AIR Career program can be redeemed on a different character within the same account. Is there anything that is stopping me from completing the whole AIR thing on each of the three characters but redeem the skill points only on the main one? That would be 750k SP *3, which would be over 2M SP out of thin air towards just one char.

And when I’m done with that, is there anything stopping me from deleting one of these chars to complete the AIR program again for +750k SP redeemed on the main? Rinse and repeat.

Is this considered an exploit? I ask nicely not to guess. If you don’t know for sure, then you don’t know. Is there any links out there from any authoritative sources explaining if this is allowed?

If you want authoritative source you should have sent in a support ticket asking this. :wink:

Btw how long and how much effort does it take to complete the AIR career program to get all that SP?

Never completed it so no idea but if it would be quicker and less effort to just grind for ISK then not sure if it is out of balance as in such case the player just wastes ISK getting the SPs this way but no idea if that is actually the case or not just something worth considering.

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I respond humbly that you are at the wrong place, for we do not make any rules and most of our advice is educated guesses.

What I know: 750k SP is less than two weeks Omega training time without any implants, so it’s not too much a difference.
I just play down the AIR List with my main Alpha Char, and I must say it is not done in a few hours. Going through a complete set of Career Agents and completing 20 Lvl 1 Security missions can become kinda boring while repeating, not talking about all the other required missions. So you have to invest much time to obtain a good worth about 10$. I think grinding ISK for buying Large Skill Injectors is easier and more fun.

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This is a response I received from CCP. Topic is now closed:

Hello Capsuleer, GM Carbon here.

Thank you for contacting the Player Experience Team.

It is possible to complete the processes you described, and it is not considered an exploit to do so at this time.

I hope that I was able to answer your question!

Best Regards,
GM Carbon
CCP Player Experience | EVE Online


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