Need help with AIR career program synchronization failed

hello everyone, i have had this error where when i open air career program it gives me this error “air synchronization failed plz try again” also there is a black box text that says “unable to retrieve skill plan data”

i have had this issue for almost 2 years (my entire eve playtime). i contacted a GM multiple times, they told me, clear cache, make new profile, reinstall the game and i even made new character with new account, but the issue persists.

i am on windows 11 laptop, initially i installed the game through steam but i did fresh client install from eve website today. idk where the issue is from, i looked through reddit and google and i found a guy who said his issue was fixed by turning vpn but i dont have a vpn turned on

its really annoying having this error i heard there is good amount of sp behind air program, if somone could help me solve this issue i would be very greatful

Hello and welcome to the forums @Orion_De_Artemis . Interesting problem, haven’t seen it before. The forums have a section for technical issues and bugs where you might be able to find more help:

(You can click that box to see it, it’s in the Work Arounds & Localizations section)

From a “general troubleshooting” background, I’d say that your description makes it sound like something specific to the AIR program is being blocked. Since it happens across accounts and new installs, that would tend to indicate the problem is with your specific PC setup: the internet setup, PC Windows setup, or the security setup.

One way to test this would be to try your same accounts on a different PC from a different location. If the problem persists there, then it’s an account problem. If the problem goes away, then it’s a “your setup” problem.

I don’t know the technical details of what AIR might require that other services don’t, but it could be related to your graphics card, your Windows services, your firewall or router security settings, or some type of data blocked by your ISP or location.

Good luck with it, hope you get the help you need!

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I and others have this same issue. It has people commenting about this very issue in reddit and elsewhere on the internet. I have the same issue, and GM’s just recommend clearing the cache, reinstalling etc. and NONE of that works.

Surely the developer can tell us affected how to fix it. It’s ridiculous that everyone pretends to not know this is an issue when there are countless comments on the internet about it. Do a search on “AIR synchronization failed”.