[AIR] PvP/PvE Nullsec Corp - Room for all playstyles!

Come be part of a corp that will be your family for many years to come! Don’t fly with strangers!

Hi Guys!I started playing eve 20 days ago, looking for a nice corp where to learn and have fun with friens.I am from Italy but i can speak english. I usually play every evening from 10.30pm till late (I live in London)Thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:
P.s: do you have discord? So we can have a chat :slight_smile:
Thanks @Nikal_Vaszol ikal Vaszol

If you want an active PvP corp with friendly people, an opportunity to make ISK (to fun pew pew) and a sprinkling of F.U.N. - come chat with us in the in-game channel Air Logistics.

Little Corp roam last night. Set desti and saw nothing on the way out! Found some anchored bubbles and the fun started. Was a bit of a scrap as we were in relatively light ships but great to hear all the positive F.U.N comments on coms.

If your lacking wing-mates come talk to us in Air Logistics

Recruitment OPEN.

All time zones welcomed.

Up we go!

Great bunch of Corpies. Plenty of help and support for New Bros; comms full of bants; and plenty of INIT pewpew action that makes Eve an awesome place to hang out on an eve.

Recent influx of new comers that’s swelled the ranks, so now’s a good time to join and find your feet. Try us out in the public Air Logisitcs channel!

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Looking forward to another Corp roam tonight. No idea where we are headed and I’ll fly what’s needed, more about fun with the team and pew pew if we can find it. Not about winning or losing, but participation.

Get in!

Bump :beers: great bunch of guy’s, very chill corp and great fun to be had.

What we can offer:

Located in null-sec Fountain
Small gang roams
Large scale Alliance warfare
Black Ops, Capital PvP and Hotdrops!
Ship Reimbursement Program!
A stable home with a fantastic group of players
ISK making options galore!
Rorqual Mining
Titans and Supers at good prices
Experienced members to help guide lower SP and returning players
And most important of all - A good time with friends!

And up!

Looking for a fight? Get in.

Bump for an awesome and active corp!

Whether you like shooting ships, rocks or both, get in as there is plenty of action to be had.

Recruitment Open

All time zones welcomed

Joined the corp this week.
Awesome welcome that made me feel like I have been a member for a long time.

Good space, good content and a Great corp.
Thumbs up!

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Get in and get some pew pew action!!

Tonight we had an INIT (alliance) fleet and got some good kills; they lost 53bil, we lost 2,9bil;P

Read the report: https://zkillboard.com/related/30001120/201909141900/o/{"A"%3A["98070247"%2C"1727758877"]%2C"B"%3A[]}/

Thought I would celebrate the lifting of the Black Out tomorrow by running a DED 10/10 Serp complex! Love doing these solo or with friends and the drops are awesome ISK!

Was it an attack on the servers or all the pilots who left because of the blackout!

Back to business in Null. Active Corp in active alliance. Great fun and awesome pew pew. Check out the Air killboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/237377716/

Bump for an awesome Corps. Loving life out in Null with INIT - plenty of fleet fights, both planned and unplanned, under some great FCs. Tight knit unit!

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