[AIR] PvP/PvE Nullsec Corp - Room for all playstyles!

Bump. Has to be quick, in potato mode, on-route to big pew pew engagement;) Blinking refits and left my mobile depo behind lol so lagging as I had to pick one up - I’mm hopless at times!!

eve evolves from day to day, come influence it with us!

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Weekend again! Good time to join a new Corp and start moving.

Have a chat with us in-game in Air Logistics channel.

Recruitment OPEN. All time-zones welcomed.

Like you to have SP to be able to fly at least a few doctrine ships for defensive/offensive ops, be mature and on coms.

Reminder that AIR is recruiting!

Recruitment OPEN, all timezone welcomed.

The weekend is here!

I’m away for the weekend but know things are happening and brought the laptop so I could at least login for the free SPs.

Air Police roam later and looking forward to just chilling with the guys.

Interested? Talk to us in Air Logistics channel.

Just chat with us. About developing a relationship, trust and working together. Recruitment open.

Looking for new stuff? Join us and discover null sec’s environnement : big fight, 00 pve, escalation etc !

Recruitment Open.

Looking for active PvP? Capable, but want wing-mates to fly with?

Recruitment Open.

Lazy bump…

bump for eve vegas :dagger:

Viva Las Vegas!

If I’m not in game to have a chat, it because I have a stinking cold! But join Air Logistics and m sure someone there will answer any questions you have o/

100% loot will drop this days ? want to join your fleet? stop loose time and go to your pub

free avatar skin today!

100% loot still on, do you want to see what rorqual loot with your stuka fleet? Join your pub !