[AIR] PvP/PvE Nullsec Corp - Room for all playstyles!

Do you guys take new players?

Eversworn, hello. I’ve sent you a mail, but in direct response to you question, we generally don’t take new pilots. Looking for at least 40-50 mil combat SP so you can get into fleet doctrine ships, be self sufficient and PvP orientation.

Recruitment OPEN

Talk to us in the in game channel Air Logistics

Join Air and have fun with us

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We are pushing into new space, growing our numbers and looking for new corp pilots who love pvp, are willing to roll their sleeves up and pitch in to help us grow and be active.

Recruitment OPEN in all time-zones, have more than 20mil combat SP and a team attitude.

p.s please don’t start the conversation ‘well I’m looking for some safe null to solo rat in my Nyx’ …

Open for chats in Air Logistics channel

Recruitment Open

Welcome interest from all; time zones, PvP orientation (solo hunters, small gang, large fleet, black ops, gate campers etc. ) FC or support preference…

Prefer that your self sufficient, enough SP to fly doctrine ships, mature-ish, enjoy having a laugh, team player …

igc : Air Logistics

Looking for salt givers.

Share your proudest PvP kill as an introduction.

If your interested in joining Air, sharing a solo kill mail will greatly improve your app chances.

big fight yesterday

Recruitment open

Bump for a great Corp.

Love logi pilots <3

“THE” Positive bump

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Sunday, Bloody Sunday!

Sisters of Mercy.

Chat to us n the in game channel Air Logistics

Salt shakers and salt givers wanted.