[AKC] Anti Krab Coalition is recruiting. Corps/Players

AKC is a very PVP focused alliance.
We have recently taken Omist Region (Work in Progress) and will be living here. We’re looking for likeminded corps and players that want to pvp and “Punch up” in fights. We started off as a small group of friends whaling and blopsing. We’ve decided to change it up and form a full alliance dedicated to this. Our leadership consist of experienced “hunters” willing to bring content to players looking to have fun, hang out and blow ■■■■ up.

What we offer:
RL comes first, we all have jobs. Everyone understands this.
Krab space. Ratting/Mining etc
Good Buybacks
Industrial Infrastructure

Alliance Deployments
Small/Medium size fights (Hopefully not too much Tidi)
Few Blues

There’s plenty of Experienced players willing to give advice if you ask for it.

We make sure we have fun and don’t take the game too seriously.


Don’t be a complete dickhead
30m SP + another useful alt
Fly a useful ship in our mainline doctrines
Be able to fly a Kiki/Bomber
Willing to train cap alt(s)
A working Mic
Have thick skin - we’re always taking the piss out of each other.

Join “AKC Recruitment” in game.
Or message Dec#0069 on discord

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Good group of guys! +1

Bump boi!

The gamers are still recruiting! Come whale and krab with a toxic group of idiots

Gimmie some corps and members to grow this feeder allaince.

This is factually correct. We’re a good group of guys!

Pro krab coalition is still recruiting.

Bumpy bump

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