[Krab Shak // Worthless Krabs] looking for members and corps to join us

The krab shak is a nullsec PVP corp and founder of worthless krabs we live in sov nullsec in vale of the silent space. We have great moons and ratting space for you to make money we also run small gang PVP fleet out of our null system we are well set up and ready to open our doors to new members and corps. We are a laid back corp/alliance. Don’t let the fresh corp age fool you. The corp is managed by experienced players who’ve helped managed much larger corps and alliances

What we Offer.

  • Sov Nullsec Space
  • Active 0.0 PvP
  • US/EU TZ
  • SRP Alliance Ops
  • Looking for PvP/PvE/Mining Pilots
  • a relaxed newbro friendly environment
  • JF Service

What we Require.

  • Be Active
  • TS3/Jabber
  • Registered On Seat and Auth
  • willing to train our PVP doctrines
  • Come to Alliance CTA
  • a desire to PVP
  • 5% Alliance Tax

Join KrabShack.Recruitment to speak too us

I recommend the alliance ‘Worthless Krabs’. They are not new, they are dedicated.

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