He Krab Shack PVP'ers Wanted Nullsec Sov space

The Krab Shack Is a new and upcoming nullsec PVP corp we are the founder of Worthless Krabs

What we Offer.

  • Sov Nullsec Space
  • Active 0.0 PvP
  • US/EU TZ
  • SRP Alliance Ops
  • Looking for PvP/PvE/Mining Pilots
  • a relaxed newbro friendly environment

What we Require.

  • Be Active
  • Mumble/Jabber
  • Registered On Seat and Auth
  • willing to train our PVP doctrines
  • Come to Alliance CTA
  • a desire to PVP

Join KrabShack.Recruitment for more Info!

Corp is still looking for new PVPā€™ers to join us

Apply today

Is your corp looking for an alliance to rest its head, Do you wanna make lots of isk and have fun while also killing people. Then boy do i have an alliance for you come and stop by Worthless Krabs Pub to hear more on what we can offer you!

Actively looking for members to join our ranks

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