Angry Krabs Association is recruiting!

Angry Krabs Association is recruiting eutz PVPers for npc nullsec!

We are a brand new corporation, lead by two people. We live in nullsec npc stations, and seek to have as little blues as possible. This way we can easily find targets, and take on large groups.

Currently we are deployed to the great wildlands, but we will roam and camp around more areas of space

What we offer:
A community of fellow PVPers to fly with
No blues!

No timers, sov, tidi, mandatory ops, doctrines and all of that ■■■■■■■■
Fleet srp and group isk making ops
Discord + working michaelphone
Able to make your own isk and haul your own stuff
1 mil sp

Check us out at Angry Krabs Association Angry Krabs Associaton | Corporation | zKillboard

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