Akkaan Armada LF new players (PvP)

Hello pilot!

Akkaan Armada is a recently founded corporation that is looking for new players who want to learn PvP and become financially self sustaining.

Currently we are looking to grow our member base to about 10 players so we can all grow and develop together.

Because of our small numbers it is crucial to have a good overlap of online times so we are currently looking strictly for (western) EU timezone players. Voice comms (Discord) is highly recommended and mandatory during ops. Alpha characters need not apply unless they seriously considering going Omega.

If you are new to Eve and you want to learn to shoot people in the face, make a little ISK on the side and do this all with tight group of like minded players then please send Donny Walker an ingame message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Prior to being admitted to the corp a little chat and API key check will be done to ensure the corp indeed fits well with you.

Donny Walker

Is this already 5 days ago! Jeez!

Well this will bump this thing right up!

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