Alabaster Lords, new corp in Gallente militia

Edit: US TZ
Alabaster Lords are recruiting.
Our main focus is to create a relaxed group of pvp pilots without the stress and hassle that “eleet peeveepee” groups create.

So if you’re looking for a place to ease into Eve, fw, or pvp please send me a message and we’ll talk. Even pilots who have been around and just want to relax and enjoy some casual fleet, gang, and LP farming should look us up.

If you’re looking for:

A CEO that enjoys working with other pilots and teaching newbros.

Understanding that people have priorities besides the game.

A team that works together without pushy members trying to micro-manage everything.

However, we do expect some order and at least marginal discipline during fleet ops because, let’s face it, winning engagements is FUN.

The only basic requirements we ask for:

Full api keys

Willingness to get on comms and be social, or at least listen during fleet ops.

NO tax

NO sp requirements

NO time requirement

NO super-specific fleet doctrine (general guides and fits will be used)

NO killboard Nazis allowed

The corp is brand new and in need of pilots who want to pioneer a new endeavor. Let’s build this from the ground up and see where it takes us!

I’d be happy to drop an alpha in your group to help get you started, I consider myself one of those leet peeveepeers

Absolutely! That would be a great addition.

I will get with you in game tonight if you are around.

Ya I’ll be on one of my accounts but I’ll get notified by the app when u send it

Daily bump

Bump again. Got a couple people interested. Would like to get around 10 to get the ball rolling

Daily bump


Had a couple new members join today. Help us grow into something great!

Bump cuz I’m up

Morning bump

5 members and still growing. We’d like to get a few more by the weekend for our roam

Still recruiting

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