Small gang pvp corp

Alabaster Lords is a faction warfare corp in Gallente space with hisec and losec staging systems. We also offer hauling services around Jita for members.

We’re a new and growing corp focused on pvp and we want pilots of all backgrounds and experience levels to help us grow.


Relaxed atmosphere

Mature members

Learn not only to pvp but also to make money

NO tax

NO sp requirements

NO time requirement

NO super-specific fleet doctrine (general guides and fits will be used)

NO killboard Nazis allowed

If being part if a tight knit group is something you want…
Or creating a corp from the ground up…
Or learning different aspects of the game from experienced players…
Then this is the corp you are looking for!

Update* We’re up to 7 pilots already and still need more. If you want a relaxed group to learn PvP with this is it.
Constant content
No stress
Learn how to make ISK as well as fight
Apply today!

Come join us today! Whether you’re new or have been playing for years we’d love to have you!


Send me a message and lets talk!

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