[ALCII] ALC Industries Inc. || Recruitment [Closed]

ALC Industries Inc. [ALCII]

- Do you have as much :two_hearts: for Japanese :jp: Anime as you do with EVE, then this could be the Corporation for you. Talk about your favorite spaceship as well as your favorite anime series. :sunglasses:

[ALCII] is an industrial corporation which primarily operate in and around Empire Highsec. We are still in the StartUp phase, so if you are a Newbro (new player), Old or Returning Player we welcome you with open arms. We have experienced player(s) in just about all aspects of the game, ready to help you where needed and possible.

Should you be interested in a chat before deciding to join Corp, come chat with me/us in our recruitment channel: ALCII Recruit

We offer activities in:

  • Exploration
  • Incursions*
  • Industry:
    • Production
    • Research
    • (Invention)
  • Mining
  • Missions
  • Planetary Interaction (PI)
  • Trading
    • Station
    • Inter-Region

» while PvP is not a primary activity, it is still encouraged «

*) Incursion Communities: WarpToMe [WTM], TheValhallaProject [TVP] or which ever you prefer.

Corporation’s Coming Soon™:

  • Build and Launch of Azbel (:hammer_and_wrench: a work in progress)
  • Production of T1 Hulls to the markets of Amarr, Jita and the other trade hubs
  • ‘OBP’ - Ore Buyback Program
  • ‘SRP’ - Ship Replacement Program

We require from you:

  • API-key with the following information:
    • Character (dropdown): All
    • Private Information:
      • CharacterInfo
      • CharacterSheet
      • Clones
    • Public Information:
      • CharacterInfo
  • Respectful and mature behavior
  • Willingness to have fun and make ISKs

NB: There is no min. Skill Points requirement in order to be eligible to apply


Change log: 16.10.2017

  • rewritten “Activities” section title
  • rewritten “Corp Goals” section title
  • rewritten some text in “requirements” section aswel as the section title

Recruitment is still OPEN :smile:

Still OPEN for recruitment

Still looking for new members

hi i play just from 2 week im interested to your corp

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