Alfa Stations

So I was thinking about some mid step in stations.
For new players, causal players or small bunch of real life friends, who likes to build together, to gain somehing tangible, its kinda hard to get and run a real station.

Then small “Alfa Stations” come to my mind.
They are easyer to build/buy.
It will run on something lower then fuel block…maybe Enriched Uranium so they can afford to buy it or one omega guy can make it, doesnt need bunch of omegas to fuel it.
Ppl can learn on it how hard it is to run a station, or more stations. How is it to fuel them, moveing stuff from one to another and maybe get wardec.

They doesnt fit a freighter or BS, so they will support usefulness of regular indy ships and t2 variants.
Also no ORCA, just Porpoise for mining station.
They can fit only one station modul, so it will take 3 alfa station to be close to one regular station, or maybe some small variantions, like shipyard wich can make max frigates/cruisers, nothing bigger, something like that.
Defensive structures should be like in battle ships, big guns and launchers.

The point is, it will gave new/causal players something to aim for and learn on it and use it with ships they can fly/afford. Helps them to build theyr own community if they want to. No push to jump to big trains.

Also this “newbie” stations can do something special to add it its own value.
Mining alfa - Loged in and belts are empty? worry not! Mining alfa with it asteroid tractor can lure rock from deep of space and crush it for chunks. It will make micro ore belt near your station for your frieds in ventures and porpoises.
Engineering alfa - works for crafting. But you can fit it with telescope module! With this modul you can discover few(like 2-3) new anomalies within your system! Grab you friends and go explore before someone else do!
Citadel alfa - Had the strongest pew pew!one more laucnher…or maybe drone bay(for regular light drones) and you can fit it with police-something-scanner and find few more pirates(combat anomalies) in the system! …

Or, this stations can be that small, that they can be delivered to the smallest WHs?
Or something like that… :man_shrugging:

I hope I at least outlined my idea of midlle step in corp. live. Like we have nothing, we have something small to learn on, we go for big stuff…cuz we grow and want these big stuff.

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Any cheap structure will be spammed and meaningless. That’s not good because it makes everyone stick to themselves rather than reaching out to others, and it’s very dull and annoying for everyone who has to fly through a system filled with structures.

Structures are a major asset. If they are too expensive for you’re small outfit, consider paying for the use of someone else’s and offer to deliver fuel to/help defend it or join an alliance that has one.

Sounds like an interesting concept though some aspects sound really overpowered for it being supposedly cheaper and easier to run than the usual Citadel. If we tone down a lot of the overpowered features and make them have limits on space, fitting, and modules, than I could see it being something everyone would use.

I don’t agree

VERY good idea

There are a bunch of unused mission assets that could be used for player structures. If your idea were to be implemented, I would suggest they only show up in the local overview not something that’s broadcast system wide. I also don’t think they should be allowed on grid with popular destinations like stations and gates.

Years ago, some fairly prominent members of the community mentioned the concept of “farms and fields.” Current stations and citadels are more like castles and don’t fill this role. So having some smaller anchorable structures that could be raided and destroyed freely could be a good addition.

Edit: to prevent clutter, make them self destruct after a month of inactivity (ie: run out of fuel.)

Alphas. Give 'em an inch, and they’ll take a mile…

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