New type of personal station in belts

I want a small personal station that cant be war dec’d by corps, but instead by individuals only through a new ui. Almost like a forced duel. It would need to be possible to destroy it with a battleship solo over a decent period of time and criminal for others to get involved. It should be hard unless blinged out for that battleship to destroy it when the player is online, but possible with patience if they are not present. It drops it’s ore contents, but not the ships.

It’s function would be to put it in a belt and it will mine the ore and doubles as a hangar and maybe other features if expanded upon. It could also be piloted like upwell structures and fit with modules.

Think of it like a micro upwell station, a fun, solo oriented structure to interact with that could function as peoples own little base. 1 per belt. Only 50% of the belts in a system can be filled with these, when the cap is reached they cant be placed. They mine much slower than exhumers, so they can be outstripped by people manually in the belt. Can’t be placed in systems higher than 0.6 security status.

Every week an npc assault will occur on a timer and you will be forced to complete an assault with a level 4 mission’s difficulty. This mission has a chance to drop a 40mil item like an overseer or a shadow module or w.e.

The longer this object is down, the more influence it has over the belt, over time eventually a micro sovereignty of the belt is reached and a couple friendly npc frigates spawn. Even longer and a few ventures spawn to increase mining rate. Finally you get 2 cruisers and when this stage is reached a guaranteed assault occurs once every 24 hours.

The station can be painted with SKINR and there are different faction variants of the station.

Boom, very fun solo player feature that I think fits in eve well. I am sure naysayers are gonna be like naaah, cuz they only want nullsec features and things geared towards large alliances, but I truly believe the solo community would rejoice at something like this. I haven’t given this days worth of thought, so I am sure some of what I said would need to be adjusted, but the general idea is something the people I have spoken with agree would be awesome. I am curious on thoughts regarding it.

This would require omega to place.

EVE is an MMO, not a single-player game. Having said, that…



NPC stations exist. I have enough influence in EVE to at least live in a Upwell penthouse worth several billion ISK. :sunglasses: :moneybag: :moneybag:

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Why not? It might either have made your pitch more reasonable or persuaded you that the ideas were, on the whole, something of a car crash.

There is no such thing as ‘the solo community’. I play solo, in Highsec. I have no connection to any Nullsec entity. I certainly don’t see the need for what you’re suggesting.

If the people around you think your ideas are ‘awesome’, let you and they put your several heads together, hammer out a properly thought-through proposal, and submit it to the ‘Player Features and Ideas’ sub-forum.

My opinion? No.


God people lack basic debate skills it makes me want to cry and lose hope for humanity.

I didn’t even read that far down till Sasha quoted it.

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The whole reason for Upwell structures not equating with individuals is the obvious advantages they give. You even want to allow them passive income and have the benefit of no wardec ?
Stands as much chance of going into development as a suggestion of a new ship that can’t be attacked by more than one person at a time.

Some things are just not intended for solo play. This is one of them.

:clap: EvE :clap: Is :clap: Not :clap: A :clap: Solo :clap: Game :clap:

Go play X4 if you want solo play. Play EvE to make friends and enemies.


You didn’t read what I said. It appears a lot of you didn’t. The structure could be destroyed at any time by any 1 person to attack it. All I said is it would be a 1v1 pvp situation. Id also argue you are massively wrong regarding the lack of solo activity in the game. I have been here since 06 and there has always been solo and small gang enjoyers. I engage in plenty of group content activities, this doesn’t have to take away from that.

Also, a lot of what I wrote about here is actually creating content, not just adding a structure. I don’t think anyone had even a shred of an open mind reading this. Finally, this activity is literally not solo despite me using the word above. It is quite literally a pvp activity partially.

So, you’d be cool with members of CODE or SAFETY each as individuals attacking your station en masse? It’s not a war dec, it’s simply 30+ individual members of a corp nuking your station.


Yes im fine with that. To be clear they would get concorded like normal other than the initial aggressor, but yeah I dont mind that.

Then it’s no different than what we already have. You, as a solo player, would have exactly zero chance of defending it, same as getting ganked in a barge, so why complicate things?

This isn’t a mechanic to avoid being ganked in a barge. Honestly its more for the pvp and the pve mission it generates.

This is all I read, because anything else is meaningless. I don’t need to nitpick the pointless details when the idea as a whole is fundamentally flawed.

You don’t need to camp belts
You don’t need a special POS that only one person can shoot

None of this is beneficial to the game as a whole, therefore your idea as a whole is invalid, thus details do not matter.

You stated that the station itself will mine the ore. So yes, this is a thinly-veiled attempt to avoid being ganked while mining in a barge.

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Not even reading the rest of what I said is ignoring the entire wealth of content it would add for solo mission runners, etc.

No, its not at all lol. I basically never even mine in a barge solo, that is something I do with fleets and boosts, etc.

You may not use it for that purpose, but thousands of other players will.

Mission runners don’t spend any time in belts, so your structure wouldn’t help.

Another invalid point.

I specifically stated it would have an ass mining rate compared to exhumers so, doubt it. Hell I’d be okay with it being worse than a barge too.

Honestly most miners don’t either, belt ore in high sec isn’t lucrative.