Eve Industrialists: were we betrayed by station mechanics?

So here are my thoughts:

Eve industrialists love to imagine that Eve is a ‘sandbox’ style castle-building game. But we all know better.

The attraction to having my first corporation in high-sec, then owning a station was because I wanted to build up an ORE-ship manufacturing industry. Little did I know that Eve doesn’t support the ‘dreams’ I had in mind way back when I was young. I was naive about the game style, and quickly grew up.

Station mechanics are strategic ‘money pots’ with very little or no real value in terms of offensive capabilities. If your corporation owned one in high-sec you would very soon be wardecced, and your valuable industry-building time would be wasted in trying to defend something which is undefendable because its mechanics are so flawed.

Then to appease the non-war–minded players CCP introduced wardecc eligibility solely for corporations that owned a station: now the problem with this is that a TRUE industrial corp depends on a station for many reasons, but to properly generate its ‘industry’.

Now i’m stuck in some limbo between wanting to have a station for my industry gameplay, and not wanting to because of the drawbacks of having a station.

  1. They are non-defendable for majority of corporations, unless you have experienced players in great numbers

  2. Owning one makes you a war target

  3. Owning one places your entire industry in jepordy and your corporation will end up losing most of its members as they try to avoid the inevitable. The reason you play Eve in the first place (to build stuff) is put on hold as you become a part of someone else’s ‘thrill-seeking’.

  4. Millions - billions of isk is wasted, and you end up either taking a long break from the game or quitting altogether.

So what, I ask, is the whole point of owning a station in Eve today? The mechanics (and upcoming changes) clearly are not aligned with the needs of industrial players, and this is unlikely to change ever, based on the past trends in development.

Does nobody care about ‘our’ needs?

Thanks for any feedback.


fixed it for you. And yes - no one cares if you or your industrial corp didnt do anything to protect their members from wardecs with holder corp and/or tried to do “business” in low-powered (soon abandoned) structures.

If anything the upcoming patch affects active industrial players the least.

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Eve doesn’t conform to your unrealistic space dreams…

Nor does it to people who want to be bounty hunters or overthrow the empires and become space king of all new eden.

You weren’t betrayed. You were expecting the game to give you everything cheap and easy. But it doesn’t work that way and it was never promised to you that way.


Because EVE is an MMO, your “needs” are based on others. It makes perfect sense for theirs to be based on you too.

Industry works fine in NPC stations. If you want to play like the big boys, with a corp and owning structures, you have to get the numbers and skills for it. You can’t just pick the benefits without paying the cost.

I‘m a solo producer, and use just public facilities for years btw.


^THIS, so very much this…

HighSec doesn need the billions of Player-Owned-Stations that have been popping up over time.


There are many benefits to owning a station in EVE today, as well as drawbacks. If those benefits outweigh the drawbacks for you, owning a station may be worth it for you!

In my case I don’t see any significant benefits to owning my own station so I don’t want to put one down, yet. Maybe some day I will.

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If you can’t defend it don’t deploy it.


You need an alliance or corp that can defend your ■■■■. Or you need to use public facilities.


It’s adorable that he thinks a “true industrial corp” would ever be found in highsec.

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Eve is not the game it was a few years ago. It is not a game for indy players and pretty soon the only people left playing will the the crowd that enjoys the cheap type of pvp CCP is peddling these days.


Don’t fly (or anchor) what you can’t defend or afford to lose. That’s been the EVE standard since 2003. This update will clear out a lot of the high sec citadel trash that is strewn across every system. There are far too many 1-man corps out there that place a citadel and just let it rot…


How is EVE not a game for indy players? Every ship that is used by your ‘cheap pvp crowd’ is produced by industry players to kill other ship and stations produced by industry players.

If ever the amount of industry players goes down because in your idea ‘EVE changed’, the basics of EVE -that everything is produced by players- has not been changed. That means that some of the other players will gladly fill this lucrative gap in the economy.


What the hell y talking about. industry is a big part of eve environment. there are industrialists and LAZY industrialists. Think you referred to the second.


tldr: OP wanted to play house but couldn’t


EVE industrialists are always being betrayed by mechanics, except when they aren’t, but that’s ok.

Then you shouldnt be owning a station to begin with. There are corporations that can defend their structures. Join them instead.

Ties into number 1. Join a corp that can own, and defend their structures.

Again, Join a corp that can own, and defend their structure.

See Above.

If in your view, industry is letting your citadel rot and fester for weeks, not using it at all, not fueling it, and generally ignoring it completely, then I dont know what to tell you.


It’s perfectly normal for a player to desire his own structure and achieve this by building one through his corporation. Even if Eve had 50 million subscribers and they all wanted to own stations, there’s nothing wrong with this, it’s more content.

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Then why bother training industry specific skills such as reprocessing and manufacturing skills if these can’t be maximized?

While you’re content using an NPC station, the majority are not.

Yes, and its also perfectly normal for a player to desier his own Titan and acheive this by building one through his corporation.

But if his corporation is a 10 person corporation, then sorry, he isnt going to be able to acheive his dreams.

What youre suggesting, is to allow everyone to acheive their dreams, and therefore the 2 week old kid who wants to build a titan should be able to plop a Sotiyo anywhere and start building his titan. Im sorry, but no, thats not how the game works, nor should it. Just because you want to, doesnt mean you should.

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The things that you don’t like about owning a structure, things such as being eligible for wardecs or having to defend your station; they are content too.

You appear to want all of the benefits of structure ownership, but without any of the associated risks.

While we’re at it, do you still have a chubby for one man corporations?