All Sold

A Long Time Ago In a release far away, if you reprocessed the sansha data analyzer you got a regular tech 1 version plus some badly mangled components and a head in a jar.

I have 6 of these for sale - make me an offer individually or for the lot.

heh i tried to put up an item exchange contract offering 20M for one and you aren’t allowed to choose this item in the ‘request items’ section :stuck_out_tongue:

pours one out for Iain M Banks

I’ll take one for 250m?

Ah, screw it. ill take one for 400m.

I would also take one for 400Mio, if still available pls?

Sent you a mail, willing to pay 500m

I’ll match one for 500m

Sorry - all sold. Apologies for the delay in updating the thread

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