[All TZs] MDLAB is now opened! M*A*S*H needs YOU!

There are lots of different groups in EvE, and it is really hard to find a decent one, the group that will make YOU special as well, not the one where you will be just a number on the list. Even more, it is hard to find a group with aims, with desires, the group that haven’t lost itself in unstoppable rorqual mining/super ratting, but who wants more each time they achieve something.

When I started this corporation, I wanted to make it like that. I wanted to make it like place, where every member can achieve anything he wants. To become anybody in the history of New Eden. And I think I achieved something - not all my aims, but still.

In MDLAB we have players of all kinds. We have doctors, bartenders, fathers with little kids, students, IT guys, lots of others with their own lives and stories to be told! And we continue to grow up! Some of players started their own production, others jumped into game-end content they always wanted to be part of, some others become notable FCs in our alliance and coalition. And YOU can be part of our little group, you can make YOUR history today! We will help you!

New Eden Medical Laboratory is currently opened! We are primary PvP corporation and alliance, but still we have lots of PvE opportunities for players of all kinds. Our corporation is opened 24/7, we are both US and EU oriented. Besides, our alliance is international and we cover almost all TZs if not by Lab than by LORDE.
We are part of Winter Coalition and our main home is located in Deteroid. We have good infrastructure, intel, home defense for rorq/super pilots, corporation/alliances rewards for active players, fun pvp roams etc.

Our aim is to have fun from this game. Have you ever thought “hell, there are so huge amount of ships I want to try out, but no place for them…”? I did! That is why we have lots of on-going PvP stuff! Yes, we like to mine, build, ratt, make isks, but what is more importantly, we like to spend money on different pvp ships and do lots of fun roams, cap-fights, bs battles, you name it!

But, what is more important - we are totally RL first. We are all mature players with our own lives outside EvE. But when it comes to the game, we all like to talk to each other, discuss how our day was and blow stuff for fun.

What we can provide?

  • RL first attitude

  • JF service

  • Great PvE opportunites

  • Fun PvP roams

  • SubCap PvP

  • Capital PvP

  • US/EU/AU/CH TZs.

  • Alliance JF service.

  • Did I mention PvP?

Our requirements:

  • 5m skill points or ability to fly interceptors (If you are lower than that but you think you are smart enough - contact us :slight_smile: )

  • Drama free attitude. We all died multiple times in EvE and we are going to do it even more.

  • PvP

And that’s it!
Come join us today and make yourself a part of our history!

You can contact us via discord - poke Glorfindeil#2642 or with in-game mail - Anjio Siwalin (EU), Admiral Kroma (US).

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This must stay on Top.

We are still opened! Come join us today, don’t miss the chance!

We are still opened!

Lots of ore to be mined awaits!

Come join us today! PvP fun awaits!

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to the top!

We are still opened!

Come join us today!

We are still opened!

Join MDLAB for Medical Cocaine and Booze partys.

Come join us today!

To the top!

Come join us today, PvP awaits!

We are still opened!

We are still opened!

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