Alliance cost $$$

I have two corporations: one with 50 members and one with three members.
If I make an alliance, how many ISKs will the two corporations have to pay to keep the alliance active?
I know the cost is monthly, but I can’t understand how much for each alliance.
is it dependent on the number of members?

1B to form an alliance
2M per corp in the alliance per month

The wording at UniWiki is goofie as they say “an alliance with 20 members would cost 40 million” when they mean “an alliance with 20 corps would cost 40 million”

Hope that helps…

thanks to answer me @Runa_Yamaguchi

so my alliance will cost a billion of isk, one-off, and 4 million isk every month, regardless of whether the corporations that join it have 3 or 50 players? Are there any other costs that increase over time?

“Correct” for the first question and “no, I don’t believe so” for the second.

But those both are beyond what I personal looked for in the past so…a grain of salt might be needed. Pretty confident that those are correct though…

The old “big” cost to corps was WarDecs vs corp size but that’s been simplified so…no worries there.

A HUGE warning though…MAKE SURE TO PAY YOUR ALLIANCE FEE EVERY MONTH. Failure to do that will result in the alliance being dissolved and you out 1B.

Runa is correct.

2M per corporation that is a member of the alliance. The entire fee is deducted from the alliance executor’s wallet, and I suggest paying it as soon as the bill is issued to avoid any problems with the alliance dissolving because of an unpaid bill. Bills are issued with a 30 day lead time to get them paid, just like they are for renting offices.

Your proposed alliance will cost the executor corporation 4M isk every 30 days, and the other corporation will pay nothing. How many characters are in a member corporation has no effect on the fees, for better or for worse. The fee structure will only change if CCP decides to change it in a future update, but otherwise the fee of 2M per corporation in the alliance per month is constant and never goes up nor down.

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