Alliance director casting call

If you’re looking to make a difference to Eve, and you realize that takes a LOT of time, let’s talk.

This is a casting call for a new strategic initiative in the heart of Empire Space. I am looking for long-term minded people who are interested in building a new alliance from the ground up in a hand-picked low-sec pocket.

Specific areas of expertise needed include diplomacy, recruiting, and PvP.

You must share in a common ethos where real life always comes first, the player is more important than the toon, and community is more important than power.

If this intrigues you, reach out in-game (fastest) or here.

Nothing against the established corps, alliances, and coalitions…but builders gotta build. You know who you are.


Why bother with this?? You just joined a larger corp.

Being part of a Corp doesn’t mean you can’t work on other projects.

If it bothers you, don’t worry about it. Probably wouldn’t have been a good fit anyway.

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