[Alliance LF Corps] FI-MC Initiative: Federation of Independent Mining Corporations [HIGHSEC] [INDY]

Federation of Independent Mining Corporations [FI-MC]

An alliance to coordinate and cooperate Mining operations to gain more profit with less risk.

Ingame Chat channel: FI-MC Diplo
Check our Website: https://www.speckbauch.gmbh/fi-mc-initiative/

Operating in high-sec

Our Vision

New Eden is a place where dreams may come true. Work hard, train skills, learn mechanics. Sell, Fight, Lose. Competition in New Eden is reckless, so why don’t cooperate?

While competition is key to innovation, cooperation is key to success. Ever since the human race has reach for more it has always been alliances, which were most successful.

Jacob Fugger, the East Indian Trading Company, OPEC – all of them knew collaboration will make them rich and so it hasppend.

The Federation of Independent Mining Corporations, FI-MC in short, is a conglomerate of truely independent corporations, who target the most valueable businesses.


:no_entry: Doctrines puts a lid on profit .
:no_entry: Solo-Operations are a danger for profit .
:no_entry: Participating war is bad profit .

:white_check_mark: Liberty is key to profit.
:white_check_mark: Escorted operations reduces danger for profit .
:white_check_mark: Supplying war is good for profit .

Our promise

  • Knowledge Sharing over all member corporations
  • Easy access to trade, buy and sell
  • Blue Standings between participants
  • Usage of alliance features like EVEmail, allaince chat, etc.Shared knowledge

Your advantage

  • Mining boosts and protections offered by member corporations
  • Alliance citadels with free corporation offices and free clone services
  • Hauling and frighting service


Federation of Independent Mining Corporations does not interfere in the way you run your corporation. There is one exception: Anchoring Upwell Structures in High-Sec space¹.

We also do not provide any infrastructure outside EVE Online, like Discord, Mumble, Forums, …

FI-MC won’t claim territory in Null-Sec space or start wars. But we know how to defend ourselves and whom to pay to support us.

Mining corps might be small and inhabited by players, which want to act independently. On the other hand, collaboration is most important for mining and industry. EVE alliances are mostly built on quite a lot of rules and claim participation. Especially new corporations or one-man-shows do want and need networks.

How to join:
• Open Corporation window
• Go-to Alliance and then Ranking
• Load all corporations
• Find (scroll down) “Federation of Independent Mining Corporations”
• Rightclick and “Apply Alliance”
• Send an email to one of the executives of Speckbauch Holding with a *brief *introduction
• Get accepted and wait 24 hours (ingame requirement)
• Profit

Fly safe, capsuleer

Applications are open. We are happy to welcome new Corps to our growing Alliance.

With our brand new HQ we are glad to announce we were able to establish Upwell structures for our Corporations. Besides a new HQ, which is open tp Alliance Members, we also provide Refinieries and Factories to the public. Visit us in Sarum Prime.

o7 Salute Capsuleer
We are still open for new corporations. Small Mining Corps and Solo Mining Corps prefered.

Use our new Diplomatic Chat channel ingame: FI-MC Diplo

  • Free Clone Bay and Corp Office in any FI-MC built structure!

  • Protected structures

  • Easy hauling, trade and buyback troughout all corps in the alliance.

Contact us ingame via diplo-channel, eve mail or PM on the forums.

Check out our fresh website: FI-MC Initiative – Speckbauch GmbH

Open for new corporations!

Moon Mining in 0.5? We are doing it - wanna join? :wink:

Again accepting Mining Corps and more. Just apply ingame and we’ll accept you.

Updated logo & website.

FI-MC initative is open for new corps!

Looking for eager Corps to join!

  • Multiple public and Alliance Only structures with services (Clonebay, Market Hub, Refinery, and more)
  • Strong and friendly community
  • Free support with Ore, Ice and Moon Mining

Try us, we will bite :wink:

Hey @Aras_Semah - could you message me on Discord? MrJ4zzy

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