High-Sec Industrial Alliance - recruiting Mining Corporations

Stable Industrial Alliance Based In the Derelik region and WAR Free

Alliance Motto :


Alliance offer :

  • Access to multiple moons and refineries very low low tax
  • Access to Citadels and Industrial Complexes to invest and manufacture
  • Orca Boosts
  • Daily High-sec Mining Ops
  • Organized Leadership

All service is for Alliance members only.

Join your Corporation and enjoy the Peace, Stability, and Development you deserve …

For more info Drop into the channel ( NECC Pub ).

The NECC is a representative alliance for Corporations that are sharing the same idea.

NECC Diplomat
Alliance Executor

Genesi Mortale


Can I bring my drake?

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Recruiting more …

Recruiting more …

Yes you can :slight_smile:

Don’t join these autist’s. little do they tell you, they charge 300M a month to be apart of their fecal alliance.

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Funny author .

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