Alliance looking for corporations

(Jigro) #1

When Dreams Become Nightmares [NIGHT] is looking for any kind of corporation at the moment.

What we offer:

  • Null sec space for ratting/building/mining
  • Hi-sec base for building/mining incase the null life isn’t for you
  • Highly active EU and active US tz coverage
  • Daily pvp/pve fleets
  • Organized logistics

What we are looking for:

  • Mining/indy/pvp corps, if you have 1 person in your corp that is fine by us
  • If you are active, and moving your corp forwards, that’s fine by us
  • Don’t be a dick
  • We are accepting all timezone corps. EU/US/RU/AU

If you’re interested for more details mail Jigro

(Jigro) #2

Still looking for corps.

(Jigro) #3

Hoping to grab a EU tz corp!

(Jigro) #4

Still here looking for more

(Jigro) #5

Any out there?

(Jigro) #6

All time zone corps are welcome to join, very laid back and all the freedom to run your corp as you see fit.

(Jigro) #7

Also accepting Russian, Asian timezone corps.

(Jigro) #8

Always looking for more.

(Jigro) #9

Still looking.