Alliance proxy wars?

Do alliances use proxies to attack each other? If so what’s the nature of it?

Is there such a thing as low intensity warfare among the alliances that do not escalate too much? Similar to real proxy wars?

Define “proxy” please.

At first I was going to make it geographic. But really it can probably be any 3rd party whose affiliation may be unknowable, or in question or unrelated.

Such as a corp who attacks one alliance because they operate geographically out of that alliance’s area.

But maybe that corp is backed by a competing alliance?

The backer would want to stay hidden?

The victim would want to wipe out or secure this 3rd party into their own sphere.

And the game doesnt really allow for enforcement of agreed upon rules so who is to say what the 3rd party would end up doing or why?

And lastly, being known to be affiliated with a competitor might simply be too costly to alliance diplomacy?

I halfway lean to the idea the risks are too great because information leaks are too easy and so theres probably a lack of hidden proxies

The “proxies” are probably well known as to whose camps they are in. And would probably be pressured to adhere to the same rules or be cut off entirely?

This almost never happens in EVE Online.

Also doesn’t really happen. Alliances in nullsec are more apt to simply set Non-Aggression or Non-Invasion Pacts (NAPs / NIPs) that allows each other to occasionally roam and shoot in each other’s space, but prevents any actual Sov warfare (like starting Timers or Attacking Ihubs and TCUs).

Again, doesn’t really happen. Most of null knows where everyone stands. Those that people don’t know aren’t relevant to the equation to bother about.

What actually happens in EVE is that corporations and alliances become “pets” of major nullblocs. These pets are just smaller allies that everyone already knows have ties to a certain nullbloc or another.


This makes sense. Is there a way to break this norm? Or is it pretty much impossible given limitations games have that real world doesnt in enforcing information control.

You’d be asking for someone to come up with a way to change human nature. So no.

Well in real world human nature is suppressed by force. Games down allow for that very well…hence suicide ganking…etc.

So I tend to agree with you. But I still like to think there’s a creative method somewhere.

Does it include Orca’s?


I want to get paid per number of forum posts I start too! Seems like a pretty sweet gig! How do I do that, OP?


What we are seeing as the norm is more the “final result”, with nothing really changing things have stagnated.

The main problem is contrary to popular belief null is full when it comes to sov. The borders are well known and established.

They could break the stagnation by adding new systems or changing travel to make distance have more meaning thus reducing umbrella range.

But almost everyone looks at the map, sees the blue donut and closes their brain.

Or shuffle all the gates to connect to different systems.

I’ve always thought that it would have been cool to have to build your own gate maps. That would be the time!
(note: map is automagically updated every day or so)

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