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About Us,

We are a reboot of an Old (2015 ) Sov Null-Sec PvP Alliance by a small group of friends that loved EvE and was lead by DGSix Kado. Together we built a small Alliance of 500 ish folks that wanted to help me add another wish to my bucket list. We successfully took a portion of Querious right before WWB and wonderful memories were made together with this band of merry misfits that I somehow convinced to follow me. I decided to fold the old Alliance because I needed a break from the arena and honestly I still had so much to learn about EvE. I spent the next 2 years with some really awesome folks that taught me more about EvE than I could ever hope to learn in such a short period. In 2017 I left EvE because I am in the fight for my life and I needed IRL family time. I returned as of 21/05/2018 because CCP is damn good at creating some content that no other game can quite match. I want to thank Toku for keeping this alive and I look foward to our next adventures with much more knowledge than before.


DGSix Kado

We are a mature Alliance that has fun playing EvE and we are looking for more fun loving pilots to make more memories with.

We are offering:

  • Cap Fleets
  • Daily Exploration Fleets
  • Industrial Programs
  • Strategic Deployments
  • Blops Fleets
  • WH Day Trips
  • Missions Levels 1-5
  • Gateway into Fleet Commanding
  • Relaxed Environment To Learn

What we are looking for

  • Responsible Corporations
  • Corps wanting more out of EvE than just crabbing
  • Corporations that have an average skillpoint ratio of 2 million or higher.
  • Corporations that have 20 or more members ( smaller corps are handled on a case by case basis )
  • Industrial Corps
  • PvP Corps
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Daily Bump

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