Alliance Recruiting WH Corps - Void Republic

Void Republic is Recruiting!

Who are we?
:small_orange_diamond: We’re a WH alliance with a lot of experience since 2006. We’ve lived in many types of different WH’s but are currently living in an undisclosed WH with a Null static. It allows us the ability to find more pvp when we desire. As well as giving us access to mining belts for our alts and indy pilots. Most WH’s don’t have those options.

:small_orange_diamond:All active TZ
:small_orange_diamond:Alliance Ore/PI buyback
:small_orange_diamond:Citadel Access for Capital Ships
:small_orange_diamond:Azbel Manufacting Engineering Complexe
:small_orange_diamond:No Manditory Fleet ops
:small_orange_diamond:Discord Server
:small_orange_diamond:Custom Alliance Tripwire
:small_orange_diamond:Belt Access 24/7

Quick facts about us
:small_orange_diamond:We value family and friends
:small_orange_diamond:We hate drama
:small_orange_diamond:We love to PvP and come up with amazing builds and gang fleet combos

What we are looking for
:small_orange_diamond:Friendly corps who respect others
:small_orange_diamond:Willing to adhere to just a few simple alliance rules
:small_orange_diamond:Corps that are willing to adhere to our anti-spy recruitment for their own corp

What we offer?
:small_orange_diamond:Defense and Protection
:small_orange_diamond:Citadels / Engineering Complexes for docking capital ships and manufacturing
:small_orange_diamond:Highly programmed website with many features such as alliance made tripwire and ability to opt in to reveal to others your bpo’s and bpcs for industry purposes.
:small_orange_diamond:No mandatory alliance fleets.

How to reach us?
:small_orange_diamond:Join GOFP Pub or eve mail Jolia Darkstrider or Dixi or Cellestron in game.

Join “GOFP Pub”. We’re still open for recruitment.

Join “GOFP Pub”. We’re still open for recruitment.

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