Alliance seeking Corporations

*** Fed up with all the drama ?**
*** Fed up with all the demands ?**
*** Want to play how you want with no-one looking over your shoulder ?**
*** Want to grow your Corp in a supportive and non pressured Alliance ?**

* Dacian Armada - projecting a multitude of sins in a world of sinners, are looking for laid back mature Corpoartions to join it’s ranks.

* We are a ZERO Drama Alliance we don’t tolerate it.

* We have a can do attitude with a “do what the F*** you like” mindset.

* In fact we are so laid back you have to check with a mirror that we are still breathing.

We pay to play this game so should play it our way, the way that we want. With that in mind we ain’t going to tell you what to do, we may ask but s*** son it’s up to you.

We ain’t gunna give a s*** what you do, neither are we going to be impressed if you solo a PL super fleet, we are laid back and we play that way too. Real life ALWAYS comes first, and a game is just for fun right ? So no sucking up to the bosses, we don’t need no internet “I’m so awesome” dudes(ettes).

Drama… Arguments over “he stole my ore I was mining” or “Such and such told me such and such and my internet feelings are all banged up” STOP ! That s*** ain’t going to be tolerated. IF the exec or co-exec gets to hear of it that member is going to get the whole damn corp kicked.

Costs…this game costs enough as it is so being a part of Dacian Armada ain’t going to cost you a cent of those precious little ISKies.

Group play… Hell yeah we are all about the group, why else have an Alliance. Whatever your doing we encourage you to fleet up and throw out those invites in Alliance chat. Go mine out a region if you so wish, go poke the bear in null if you so wish, go stab at the rat in low if you so wish, or even gank a skank in high just fleet that intention up and throw it out to the whole Alliance to share in the fun.

Industry ? Missioners ? PvP’ers ? We will take those Corporations who want a laid back, mature, and drama free style of play regardless of your member count.

Hit us up in game by mailing me or A Scriv or join our pub channel House of Dacia

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Still seeking Corps to join the mad house

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Athanor, Astrahus(s), Raitaru(s), set up awaiting Indy Moguls

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