PvP Alliance seeking Warmongers

Well Hello there fellow Angry people.

Dacian Armada are looking for PvP focused Corporations to join it’s rank and file to help spread the Anger throughout new eden one shotgun at a time.

Dacian Resurrection the Executor of Dacian Armada was built upon the OLD principles of war, Hunt your targets, Harrass your targets, KILL your targets, those principles we are carrying over to the Alliance as a whole.

We are looking for PvP corporations that have a desire to fight through a War Decleration mechanic, mostly in High Security Space, although sometimes brancing into Low Security and Null Security depending on where those wabbits are hiding. If you feel you have what it takes as a CEO to bring your cherished members into a blood streamed battlefield then we want to hear from you.

Mail in game Crazie Ivan or A Scriv for a quick fire interview.

one slightly interested party. anyone else?

Returning player here from years ago, Already greening up the KB in and around Jita. I don’t have a Corp but I’m skilled in everything highsec pvp.

Form a corp and join up anyone else want to come pew ?

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