Dacian Armada alliance seeking corporations -- Take your corporation to the next level

At Dacian Armada we can help your corporation be a part of something bigger without forcing you into a mold that might not be a fit for you and your members.

We get you. You may want your corporation to be part of something and to instantly have access to more resources and friends, goals, etc. However, many alliances have restrictions that can actually limit your corporation rather than let you run things your own way.

Dacian Armada doesn’t impose mandatory ops, a certain playstyle or try to micro-manage your corporation. While we’re growing and have clear goals, in your corporation, you’re the boss, not the alliance.

However, if you or your members do want to participate more directly with the alliance, you’re more than welcome. Our member corps are friendly, and our alliance leadership is always available and approachable. You’re not just a number or a meat shield in the blue donut.

Whether your corporation is PVP, PVE, Industry (Yes, we actually like miners and industrialists), a large corporation or a corporation with a few friends and alts, we welcome you to come join us. Let us expand your choices by providing a friendly framework.

We’re in sov-null sec, in Providence with some operations in other areas of New Eden.

Your corp will be blue to the entire region and you’ll have access to many stations for all your industrial needs. With 24/7 intel and lots of alliance and coalition fleets, you’ll have no shortage of targets. The local markets are great, and we have haulers and the ability to jump freighter your goods. And of course any services you can provide to the alliance provides more opportunity for you.

There are jump gates across the region to make travel easy and high-sec is next door.

If mining or ratting is what you love, we’ve got no shortage of juicy anomalies.

We cover all time zones and we’re waiting for you. Come grow with us!

If you’ve got more questions, or you’re ready to join, contact us at the following:

Contact Juon Rin via eve-mail or join House of Dacia in game.

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We’re a particularly good choice for corporations looking to make that leap from high sec to sov null. Industry corps welcome.

Also, we’re beefing up our PVP capability. If your corp is combative … we’ve got a place for you too.

Come join us today.

From the man himself:

“An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.” – Robert A. Heinlein

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No shortage of resources and content. And a gift that we can’t tell you about until your corp joins. Because we like to tease that way. What are you waiting for?

Come grow with us. Opportunity awaits …

Speaking of bumps, it’s time to bump your corporation to the next level. Join us.

Good people, good content. What’s not to like? Join Dacian Armada.

It’s time. Join Dacian Armada.

Open for corporations looking for a home.

An alliance can sometimes inhibit the way you like to enjoy Eve. At Dacian Armada, you’re the boss of your corporation, not the alliance. We simply provide a larger framework and resources for you to thrive and the friends to do it with.

Awesome outfit, corp has kicked on loads since joining and the opportunities keep coming.

Small edit and a bump.


A free bump to this nice group . It was good times


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