Alliance Serpentiss Associates looking for members/Corp (NULL SEC)

(Mavrick Jeffery) #1

Recruitment Status: Open To All

Based out of Immensea (Serpentiss Associates)

Currently accepting applications from thefollowing roles:

  • Corporate/Industrial Security
  • Logistics/EWAR Operators
  • Carrier/Dreadnought Pilots
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Research and Development
  • Transport


  • Preference Given to Present/Former Service Members
  • Small Gang PvP/Regular Roams
  • PvP Training
  • Low Sec Living
  • Null Sec/WH Roaming
  • Orca Supported Mining
  • Citadel Compression/Reprocessing
  • Engineering Complex Manufacturing Array
  • Low Tax on Planetary Interaction
  • Sov Holding
  • Manufacturing
  • Leadership Roles
  • Equipment for New Players
  • Assistance in Upgrading from Rookie Ships
  • Assistance in fitting ships for PvP/PvE&a

(Mavrick Jeffery) #2

BUMP :slight_smile:

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