0.0 Serpentiss Associates alliance looking for corporations and players!

Recruitment Status: Open To All
Corporations and Players


Alliance recruitment:

Currently looking for active corporations
*0.0 Industry corporations
*PvP corporations

Based out of Cobalt Edge (Serpentiss Associates)

Currently accepting applications for the following roles:

  • Corporate/Industrial Security
  • Logistics/EWAR Operators
  • Carrier/Dreadnought Pilots
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Research and Development
  • Transport


  • Preference Given to Present/Former Service Members
  • Small Gang PvP/Regular Roams
  • PvP Training
  • Null Sec
  • Orca Supported Mining (Rorq soon)
  • Citadel Compression/Reprocessing
  • Engineering Complex Manufacturing Array
  • Low Tax on Planetary Interaction
  • Manufacturing
  • Leadership Roles
  • Equipment for New Players
  • Assistance in fitting ships for PvP/PvE

Corporations accepting new members :
The 7th Sons (EU TZ)
Omega Mining (AU/EU/US TZ)
Star Wing Corporation (US TZ)
Muspelheim (EU TZ)
Uni-Burst Legion Inc. (AU/EU TZ)

Join our public channel ‘Shadow Tavern‘ and have a chat with us,
or contact one of the recruiters in game:
Jack Grieves
Shimrra Starscorcher
Jade Darkstar
Lady Bayushi

Alliance Recruitment : Agakii

Alliance Exec : Mavrick Jeffery

Join us in cobalt edge!

Sign up now.

We are a growing alliance part of the Drone Regions Federation. Our alliance is situated in the northeast in Cobalt Edge.
There are lots of opportunities for ratting and industry here, fantastic anomalies, quiet space.

Come fly with us.

Build the future with us.

Be a part of a growing alliance

Come and join up!

Still going

Sign up today!

Corporations and players wanted

Come join us, these guys are awesome to fly with.
Killed a keepstar today.


Be part of a coalition, make dank iskies!

PvP training, small gang fleets, Jr. FC program

Still looking for corporations to join us

Ore/PI buyback programs for members

Share the fun, come enjoy our benefits …

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