Rorq owning corp looking for Alliance

This is going to seem like a snowflake post but I’m sure some die hard fans of Eve will appreciate my advert.
Everything below the line is in RP form, but for the sake of ease I will quickly explain myself. I am a duo Omega player with two separate corporations, one for incursions and another for industry. The Industry character is almost ready to deploy as a Rorqual pilot and I am seeking a nullsec home for him. He has resided within his corporation since the very beginning of my Eve career and I wish to maintain my employment record with him, as he is my original character and I care about the little things. I am seeking an alliance that will accept a one* man corp into their ranks and allow me to contribute to their industry, pvp, and community. My goals are to mine myself a Nyx, which I am also almost ready to pilot (within the year). I’m an easy going US EST player that likes to play into the night with EU and AU players.

My offer to an alliance is in donations of ore mined and a renter’s fee. I do not think I have the initial funds to rent a whole system to myself and would much rather get paired with a “sister” corp. My offer is to extend an invitation of negotiations on the terms of renting. I don’t need a personal system/station/citadel. I can make a lot of money in the safety of highsec so my finances for pvp defense and roams are not an issue.

Contact: Rob Arcadium
Occupation: Freelance Capital Venture Industrialist
Corp: Confederated Armed Traders

To whom it may concern,

Confederated Armed Traders is searching for a new long term client to provide industrial services ranging from high security logistics to deep space strip mining. Our mission is to provide the client with a reputable pilot to service their needs. We operate under a business model that allows the client to make their money before we do. There is no deposit, sign on fees, or hidden costs to hiring from our pool of contractor(s).

You can expect a respectful, maeliable pilot to assist with system index ratings and ore income. We are capable of ice and gas extractions in both low and high yields.

We have zero prejustices toward any faction, we operate indiscriminately based on our client’s needs.

If you’re alliance is looking for an extra boost in its industrial capacity, look no further than the Confederated Armed Traders!

-Rob Arcadium (Director, Acting CEO/CFO)

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Hey Rob,

We are a SOV holding alliance that does not require Rent/Dues to live in space. We do require the occasional Alliance mining ops for Alliance structure funding. We have Moon mining, Belts, and systems requiring ADM up keep. Mail in game on your thoughts. We can try to meet up on team speak and chat.

Thanks, Dandriel

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Hey Rob,

We are a Sov holding alliance that doesn’t rent from anyone. We have triweekly moon mining ops and a great system to mine in. And we have plenty of systems for you to help with our ADMs. Join our discord to get in touch with the people in charge, there we can meet up in a voice channel/PM to chat.

Thanks, CaseyLP

Still looking for options for null sec mining/industry group wanting to add a Rorqual to their fleet ops.

You’re not going to find what you’re looking for unless you’re renting, which, in that case, you need to reach out to renter alliances. The downside with that is your Rorquals will have very little support, same with your super.

You should consider giving up the one-man RP dream and join a real corporation, since that’s not really how nullsec works in the current state. Otherwise, when wormholers roll into you (and they will), you’ll lose your Rorqual 100% of the time.

@Rob_Arcadium if youre interested in renting down in Ten I can put you in touch with @Arrowspeeed_Bounty she’s who handles our rental agreements.

We have a great option for a null sec mining operation for you … a shared system model – 3 systems that you can use, shared with other renters, for a low rental price. The sharing provides some protection (e.g. a standing fleet), the coalition around you will help you, and you can make lots of ISK without having to PvP at all on that character.

See my ingame mail for more information, contact me directly, or check out public channel, ICON_Public


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