[K.O.K] Imperium Divine. LF Active Corps for SOV/Null Sec. PVE/PVP

Imperium Divine. is a SOV holding Alliance making its base within Tenerifis. We are looking to expand our Alliance even more by recruiting entire corps. We are mainly US TZ, but would like some EU interest.

We are looking to offer new and old players a chance to experience life in nullsec, with a focus being on PVP and PVE, Mining & Industry, as well as Exploration and a bit of Wormhole dabbling.

We are part of the MWM Coaltion (Mistakes Were Made) in Tenerifis. We have a thorough AUTH system to help with security within our region. Very good intel and tons of Reds to shoot at!!!

What we offer:
No Corp dues or rent required!!!
Tight knit Alliance that has flown together for 3/4 years total
Drama free PvP fleets led by experienced FCs with a good attitude towards new players
PvE support and guidance
Mining & Industry fleets and guidance
Ore and NPC loot buy program by alliance
Logistic help to move out to Our Region.
Alliance Owed structures for Building/Reprocessing and Docking ships
Cheap taxes for all needs
The opportunity for new FCs to be born or old ones to get back in the saddle
TS3 server for communication

What we expect:
Above all else, willingness to PvP
Respect towards fellow Alliance and Coalition members
Ability to join TS3 server for fleets
Ability to take some criticism to help grow and learn

Send Dandriel Chelien or Keith Kelley an ingame mail if you are a corp looking for a fresh start in something great. If your tired of paying money to live somewhere, hit us up!!!

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We are part of an amazing group of guys and ladies.

LF Active Corps wanting to come out to Null. Need US/EU timezone. We have citadels set up for all your needs, moon mining, and lots of targets to shoot at.

any min on corp size?

Convo me in game when you get a chance.

We are still looking for some great Corps to join us in Null. Plenty of Targets to shoot at!!!

Need Active Corps wanted to experience Null/SOV space to reach out to me. No need to pay rent or dues. Come grow with us!!!

We are still looking for PVP/PVE corps to come join us!!! There is plenty of content to be had!!!

Still Looking for great Guys and Gals.

Still looking for Active Corps wanting to come to Null and live Rent Free!!!

Still actively recruiting corps/pilots for the alliance

Just got a decent size corp to join our ranks today. Have plenty of space for more great group of guys

Still looking for some more good pilots and corps so if your intersted hit us up. We live in Tenerifis

Fleets daily

Still looking for more corps and Pilots to fill our space!

We are still looking for Corps to join us. We are growing Fast and have great opportunities in Tenerifis.

Still plenty of room to grow with us

We still have plenty of room to grow. Looking for more PvP/PVE corps to join us in Tenerifis!!!

Imperium Divine is still looking for Active corps to join our ranks and help us grow into something great!!!

We are looking for Active Corps that want to enjoy Null sec Rent Free and no Corp Dues. Contact me in game for details.