Alliance Tournament quality mutated modules

have a collection of abyssal mods using Unstable mutaplasmids on the best base mods available with amazing rolls. shows a clear picture of the 7 best modules I have to offer.

The best one uses an ahremen’s modified heavy energy neutralizer and gives excellent 784GJ energy neut amount at 40.8km range and only uses half as much energy as it neutralizes.

All of them are nearly as good as you can roll in the key attributes and ideal to give that edge for the next alliance tournament or compliment key ship functions to turn the tide of a battle.

If you want to negotiate or see the items in game just message me in game I can set up a contract to show these and other less wonderful but more economic modules. I will also check this page for offers

Are you online now for a chat? I’m interested in a few of these, I’ll try convo you.

Abyssal thukkar shield extender sold, enjoy your purchase James, but still other great mods left.

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