Alliance Tournament XVI: Withdrawn Alliances

Hello everyone. We have a few unfortunate withdrawals at the last minute to announce. These will lead to some extra matches turning into byes this weekend.

The Dream Fleet alliance has unfortunately disbanded and will therefore be unable to compete, leading to a first round bye for the United Federation of Conifers.

We have also received requests to withdraw from three alliances for various reasons. These alliances are: The Bastard Cartel, Two Maidens One Chalice, and B U R N. These withdrawals will lead to first round byes for Black Legion…, Pandemic Legion, and The Tuskers respectively.

Since these teams contacted us ahead of time about their disbanding/withdrawls, we will be reimbursing them the plex they paid for entry to the tournament.


The withdrawals will now apply to some elimination round brackets tomorrow.

Holesale Operations will receive an automatic victory against The Bastard Cartel
No Vacancies. will receive an automatic victory against Two Maidens One Chalice
Odin’s Call will receive an automatic victory against B U R N

Then next weekend the loser of WE FORM V0LTA vs Of Sound Mind will receive an automatic victory against Dream Fleet

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