Allow Black ops BS and Covert ops Frigates in built Local Immunity

This Feature would increase activity in Null and would keep the anti blackout crabs happy because they will still have there local chat.

edit. Also allow black ops BS to fit covert ops cloaks

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Could you please rephrase this to me, before I spit out an unvalid “no, go away”. Thanks.


No. I cant be f!cked to rephrase. took me ages to come up with that. sorry

What’s your native tongue anyway?

Are you trying to say you’d like covert ops frigates and black ops ships to have a “bonus” where they would never appear in local, ever? And, this native bonus would allow them to perform their stated functions of covert ops behind the scenes activity while giving ratters and miners, etc., a functioning, but effectively diminished local?

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yes. nail on head

Should have thrown in my “no, go away” … shouldn’t have doubted.


I would think this effectively invalidates the krabbing playstyle. What are your reasons against it?

Do you mean local or D-scan?

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I mean, it’s not too late

Because BLOPs and Stealth Bombers can’t kill crabs now? Maybe it is just you. Maybe you should git gooder at BLOPs.

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Why would you want that?

A “no, go away” is always right on time.

Correct me if im wrong, Its been a while since I flew a covops or blackops ship, but i believe, again, i could be wrong, I believe they have this module where you become invisible and unscannable in space? I could be wrong though.

So you want Covops ships not to appear in space, or in chat?

That seems a little too convenient.

You aren’t wrong and yes he does mean they don’t appear in local. Bc d1ck.

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This older thread may interest you.

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■■■■■■■■ theory craft


Thank you for your constructive feedback.

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Out of curiosity, were you telling the krabs to git gud when they were having a meltdown during blackout?

Honestly, it’s not the worst idea as it is a compromise between those one both sides of the blackout debate, would make eve more dangerous, and really hurt the botters.

Of course, the nullbears won’t like it because everyone is for adding content drivers and making more ships explode… as long as it’s not them that’s the content and it’s not their ships that are doing the exploding.

Players don’t want to make Eve more dangerous; they want to make it more dangerous for the other guy.

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