Allow corporate chat window to be closed?

Could I submit for consideration the ability to close the Corp chat window, and have its open / close state persist across login sessions? In my particular case:

  • I am legally blind (terrible eyesight), so anything that creates another window, tab, or extraneous information (that I don’t use, see below) is a hindrance to me

  • Corp chat always has the focus upon log-in, so I always need to remember to change the current chat window to what I currently care about most. (Is there a way to change this always-has-focus-upon-login behavior?)

  • I am in a 1-person corp, and have no interest / desire to join a multi-player or NPC corp. An empty chat window with just me in it serves no purpose.

I realize that Eve is geared toward corps and group collaboration / participation. This feature / behavior definitely encourages / supports such a paradigm, and I can appreciate that.

In my case, it just doesn’t apply.

I tried separating the Corp chat window into its own separate window, so that I could drag it all the way to the very bottom edge of the screen, mostly hiding it. Sadly, when I log back in, the position of the window is moved back up significantly such that the entire window is on my screen, blocking other critical areas.

I can also appreciate this might be an extreme edge-case, so if no one else wants this, I completely understand. I’ll make do.

Thanks for listening.

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