Corporation Chat Window

Is there any way to permanently close the Corporation Chat Window?
I’m in an NPC Corporation with 275 members and won’t be chatting with any of them yet every time I minimize the window or collapse it, it pops up again on next log-in and there is no close button or anything.
I put it together in the same group as Local and the system insists on having it open instead of Local everytime I dock, same thing if I put it in a group with any other window.
I’m at my wits’ end on where to stick it so it won’t bug me.

Why does CCP insists on having us deal with this window and not give us the option to close it?
Is it bad design?
Is it totalitarian on CCP’s part ?
I don’t know where to put this window to be rid of it.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Thank you for your responses.

There is no way to close it permanently.

I put the corporation chat window at the bottom on the right, minimized, that way when I’m docked it’s behind the station services window and when I’m in space, same spot but it’s behind my overview window on the right as well.
I’ve put the taskbar on the right as a personal preference and set it on auto-hide.
I hope that helps you gain screen space.

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Just set it to blink off and forget about it.

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Finally, a good suggestion, and from a new player to boot.
THANK you, I will do exactly as you suggested. That will mask that pesky window in one click in the stations and in space.
You’re awesome.
Take care.

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Closed. Please only make one thread on a topic at a time. Thank you.