Corporation Chat Window

You are still in a corporation… Every capsuleer in EVE in some way shape form or fashion is in a corporation.

The only difference is, a starting newbro is in a NPC corporation. You join Player corporations… When you switch from one player corp to another player corp… sometimes you drop back to NPC corp… so you are ALWAYS in a corporation.

And because of that I’m not allowed to be able to close that window?

Why do you leave it on corp, when you have the more important LOCAL right beside of it.

… on top of Local.

They should all be on the same window… Local/corp/rookie etc… you shouldnt have them in separate window blocks… turn the blinker off on corp chat, and keep it beside of Local and you’ll be ok… its been this way for 18 years… another 18 won’t hurt it.

That’s just a bad excuse not to do anything.

I don’t see what’s so hard to provide us with a way to close it. It’s not like it can’t be found again and opened.

Every game online provides a way to close Chat. It’s really not that hard.

all your chat channels should be together… because you WANT local… so just keep them all beside each other.

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It’s not that hard to provide a way to close it. Every online game provides a way to close the chat window.

just pull it out of stack and minimalize

It doesn’t stay minimized on docking and log-in.

Why do you think I created a thread if the solution was simple?? I’m not THAT petty.

Maybe this forum isn’t the way to go about it. I’m changing my mind about this forum. I thought it was a place to communicate with CCP but I see I’m only communicating with regular players who are stuck in small ideas.
Maybe introducing in-game tickets would be better. This is definitely the wrong place.

Maybe try this setup?

I have two separate visible chat windows:

  1. Local, which technically isn’t a chat window but is an intel window. stretched long and thin.
  2. All the other chat windows stacked, including corp chat.

My corp chat is rarely if ever visible because my other chat windows (alliance, fleet, intel, help) are stacked on top.


@CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Aurora @CCP_Fleebix. And for recognition @Brisc_Rubal. In case ccp doesn’t comment.

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Compared with what? You being stubbnorn and not wanting to do the simplest thing?

Add the corp chat tab to the chat window that has local and from now on it will not show because local will be on top.

Don’t tell us this doesn’t work, we all do it.

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This is a perfectly reasonable request. Not everyone plays the game the same way.

NPC corp chat can be a mess as well.


Many people bemoan totalitarianism but when it comes to their preferences, they’re just the same as those dictators.
Thank you for understanding where I’m coming from.

I got a solution for it in my other thread in New Players Questions section. Best solution so far.

That will have to do, at least until CCP quits forcing that crappy window down our throat and start coding a simple workaround to give us a ‘Close window’ option.

PS: At least now I know also who to ignore.


You can lock this thread as well. A forum member was nice and smart enough to give a nice workaround to that stupid pesky window.

So have at it and lock it, have fun with it.

Closed at polite request.