Allow limiting Personal Asset window's Search tab to a single region of the player's choice

Much like the Personal Asset window’s Region tab has the ability to select a specific region (vs current region which is the default), I’d like to see the same ability to limit the search of personal assets to just one region of the player’s choosing. A new Region field would be needed on the Personal Asset window’s Search tab.

The scenario that I’m think of involves my jump freighter alt which holds all my cyno supplies. I don’t keep the cyno supplies with any given cyno alt since there’s many of them. For this scenario, let’s say the destination system does not have any cyno supplies, and I have one of my many cyno alt approching it. I need to know where nearby cyno supplies held by my jump freighter alt in that far away region are so I can transfer some to a cyno alt.

Obviously once the jump freighter alt has cynoed into the destination system, I can easily tell where the closest cyno supplies are. But at that point this information is moot.

search region:The Forge group:Corvette

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Thanks! I was not aware of the qualifiers that could be put in the search box of the Personal Asset’s Search tab.

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