Allow Skillplans to Have Other Skillplans as Prequisities

Hi all, nothing too complicated to explain for this request. It’s fairly common for skillplans over time to build upon each other, especially when you have a large amount of ships you want to create plans for. To that end, would it be possible when creating a skillplan to specify one or more prerequisite plans that need to be trained first (and critically whose skills don’t need to be included in the new skillplan)?

Edit to address Milestones: While these definitely have a use case, they simply don’t have the power or flexibility that comes with a prerequisite system. For example you can’t efficiently re-use the same prerequisites, you can only have a very small amount of them per plan, and adding more to them later on is a hassle or impossible if you’ve already hit the milestone limit. These simply don’t allow for the dynamic dependencies that we sometimes need from skillplans.

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