Skill point planner

Have the ability to go through all your ships and see which ones you are closest to for the next level of mastery?

I don’t think that’s a thing, besides the mastery badges aren’t perfect in what they define. It’s better to decide on your use case and train what you need from there.


I understand the question, but don’t get why we would need it.

It seems to me like you see ship ‘mastery’ as a goal rather than an (incomplete and sometimes misleading) guide.

If you fill your skill queue with skills that help you fly better you wouldn’t need this.

Only if you fill your skill queue with skills that tick off ship mastery of arbitrary ships regardless of their impact on your own gameplay, then I can see a use for this functionality.

I do however think that such a function would encourage people to train skills they don’t really need for their gameplay, even more so than the mastery system itself. This system would suggest skills not based on their relevance for the new players gameplay, but because those skills tick off mastery of a random ship. I feel like it makes the skill planner less user-friendly instead of better.

I don’t think this would be a good addition.