Skill Queue Idea

Now that the skill Queue changes are here, and despite there faults I would like to see some expansion on the ways that they can be utilised.

I know a lot of people do not think much of the Mastery options under each ship but I think they are a relatively good guide for the ship, My idea is to allow up either to create a skill plan OR add queue direct to the skill queue from the Mastery section of each ship.

For example I need the below skills to obtain master II on a Kestrel,

Now I know as an Alpha I cannot train missile projection beyond 2 so if i drag and drop the #2 under mastery either in an area to create a skill plan or under the training queue it will not go beyond its limit, likewise any skills I may not have it gives me the option to buy them.


People who do not like or do not want to use the mastery options can just ignore it, thaose that use it can use it as they see fit.

People who like the mastery system should also just ignore it.

It has you train useless skills or skills to useless levels. And leaves out skills that are needed.

Ccp just kinda cobbled these together willy nilly years ago then slapped them onto ships with the same amount of care when they added them to ships.

Been playing for years only have V in things like freighters but I’m only at mystery 3 for shield ships and iv for armor-tanking ships

Yea I think I’m only at IV for my mastery of raven. Too long to try for V

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