Allow us to kick members immediately with roles

Good morning. So I am not sure why this still exists, but with the introduction of asset safety, people no longer will lose assets in nullsec.

There will always be some need to kick someone immediately even with roles, roque people, spies, awoxers, bad eggs etc, they shouldnt be allowed to cause disruption for 24hrs! this wouldnt happen in reality either.

And lets be honest sure there could be the few rage ceos that just kick someone but its not often, and again assets are pretty safe anyway.

So can we just remove this limitation it serves no purpose.

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what is the improvement of kicking instant ?
you should be asked yourself → is it abusable ? if the answer is yes then its not a good idea

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Abusable? again because of asset saftey then probably not, what else was you thinking?

You can get a troublemaker out of corp instantly?

and nobody can be safe because you can get kicked because your face does not look good for your ceo or director … there would be no controle instance to see if it was a mistake ! no director / ceo can controle this and would onyl be grown dictator corps !

nothing is that important that you cant wait the 24 hours !

i really dont think you understand.

you can be kicked either way if youre face doesnt look good in 24hrs… you have not given any argument against or why 24 hrs is needed… there is no need for it…

i think you cant read oO

you do have the ‘are you sure’ option

you should have to kill the pod before he is un-registered from the corporation

RP his current pod is tagged with your corporation. All his future clones wont be.

No just kick them from the corp fgs.


Sure this can be done but it’s abuseable as people say. But the game should be able to move the player into what we call limbo mode or a jail cell to place them in which removals all access to corp chat and anything from the corp.

Imagine Iceacid being moved to Frostpacker prison by his corp alts. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@Iceacid_Frostpacker it’s mutiny time! :smiling_imp:


Perhaps the invitation process needs reworking?

If you just invite anyone off the space then that is bound to happen right?

Also a Capsuleer should always obtain a reference letter 1st before joining a New Eden Corporation.

If not then you are only asking for trouble!

Even though some might not like to do this, it’s the only way to avoid the kind of pilots that are seen as the bad eggs!

My Reference was handled to me by The HS Princess!

I hold special rights as a Miner of New Eden.

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