Suggestion for Corp Accounts

Hi All,
Before i start i just want to say that I know is forbidden account sheering but i talking for a complete different idea.
The corp account can be a huge benefit for any corp.

My suggestion is:

  • The corp account to be locked for the corp that will create it and wont be possible to be moved out.
  • Can be used only if is in Omega status.
  • Restricted numbers of Accounts for each Corp (1-2)
  • Access to that account will have only characters with permissions given from the CEO.
    That will help the account won’t be exploited from random people or people out from the corp.

Corp Account can be huge help for small or big corps. Can be used for a logistics, mining booster, industry and many more. Usually for this activities in small corporation you have to wait real life person to be free and have time to login. Is not possible every player to have booster or logistics.

Tell me what you thing about the Corp Account idea.

Fly safe and have fun.

I would steal everything that character owned, transfer all ISK to one of my toons, and gank every player I saw until your toon is -10.0 sec status. Horrible idea…

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Every Director can steal everything from corp hangar and corp wallets :wink: that’s way players like you don’t have access to corp assets :wink:

But if I had access to someone’s toon, I could ruin their sec status, NPC faction standings, and get you involved in several lengthy war decs in an hour…

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That’s why you only have three members in your corporation.

I’m surprised that any one talks to you at all.

You say someone wanting a switch to protect themselves in an Abyssal site when they lose their connection is abuse?

Again, actually read the posts. The OP wasn’t wanting to abuse the switch, but others definitely would…

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Everyone loves me, if for no reason other than they’re not exactly sure what would happen if they didn’t…


I once dropped a glove in front of QuakeGod. He barked at me “Challenge Accepted!!!” and swiftly and efficiently knee capped me.

I no longer own gloves.

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I once challenged QuakeGod to a game of Quake … *
… went as expected.

*(did not actually happen, though I love classic Quake I and Quake ][, if he ever wants to) : - )

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Don’t forget extract skills points.

Also… Dryson was going to help a friend in AG with a war against me. Guess what, went as expected. Nothing happened.

I guess that ship he lost with his alt against me really hurt him personally. After all that smack talk to loose to me.


Don’t think so :wink:

I have a better idea.

If you want to have a boosting alt, make yourself a boosting alt. Why shift the responsibility to someone else?

How does the rl side of this work? Who’s email? Who’s account details/money? Who’s real life info? Who’s secret answer? And how do you keep someones data secure?

Do you know what a can of worms is?


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Can be locked to CEO Account. If you transfer Corp to New CEO go to new CEO mail (Account). Is not a big deal to code it. (over all is Corp Account not to a person and CEO own the corp at the moment). CEO will use his own User Name and Password in the Web and will give completely different User and Pass for Access. How often CEO is changed? I talking for Corp Account = CEO have control but other people can use it for a specific purpose. Can be limited Corp Accounts for each corp 1 or 2 to be sure people wont make 100 of them.

Old_Pervert - do you have Booster (Rorq), Logistic(JF), Industry characters? You do everything alone? We have new Players who want some activities and have to wait some one with this characters to login. For a new player is a but hard to have everything. If you play 4-5 years probably you will have them. If you are in the corp with 100+ players probably they will have designated characters for that. I talking for small Corps

The login details are tied to the accounts financial info and real life info. How do you login to this shared account?

If you want noobs to fast track learning, use skill injectors.

Safe to say this isn’t going to happen.

I don’t this this is the way to go about things that need to be fixed when it comes to corps.

Superfluous Idea is Superfluous.

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